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All About Creative Differences

I have been writing and trying to film Creative Differences for years. I've fallen in love with the characters for ages. I've had the wonderful opportunity to bring it to life with an amazing crew in December of 2023. Thank you to everyone who donated to the IndieGogo. Creative Differences, directed by Molly Martine, will be out March/April of 2024. 


Director: Molly Martine

Assistant Director: Sara Bourjjai

Director of Photography: Ben Feldman

Producer: Audrey Calhoun

Gaffer: Felix Schoeck

Script Supervisor: Christian Fox

Sound Mixer(s): Hannah Robinson, Cassidy Madigan

Production Designer: Katelyn Johnston

Grip: Nikki Pietrocola

Photographer: Amanda McHardy

Production Assistant: Lily Sheehan


Harley: Jack Amsler

Imogen: Audrey Calhoun

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